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Memorial Hall of Anti-Japanese War in Huangpu and Wusong
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-04-26

The hall is in Linjiang Park, formerly the main battlefield of anti-Japanese war in Huangpu and Wusong area where Baoshan County was located. It comprehensively displays the history of anti-Japanese war on January 28th 1,1932 and August 13th ,1937, as well as Shanghainese’ 14-year anti-Japanese struggle.


Address: 1 Youyi Rd

Tel: 021-56115728


How to get there:

1.      Take Metro Line 3 and transfer to Bus 159/952B at Youyi Road.

2.      Take Bus 116/728/849, etc.

3.      Drive on Yixian Elevated Road and exit at Baoyang Road ramp, drive straight to Youyi Road and turn right, then drive straight ahead.


Business hours: 9:00—16:00 (Closed on Monday)