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Museum of the Liberation of Shanghai (Baoshan Martyrs Cemetery)
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-04-26

The 1500-square-meter museum is on Baoyan Road and consists of a preclude hall, a main exhibition hall and a “Liberation of Shanghai” theatre. It displays photos and relics of the War of Liberation, multimedia military maps, holographic projections, military scenarios simulation, military facilities, videos, paintings and sculptures. Baoshan Martyrs Cemetery is on the west side of the museum where lays 1884 martyrs who died in Baoshan District during the Liberation of Shanghai. It is a martyr memorial unit under the protection of Shanghai Municipality.


Address: 599 Baoyan Rd

Tel: 021-56108277


How to get there:

1.      Take Metro Line 3 and transfer to Bus 51 at Songbing Road.

2.      Take Bus 849/728/813/508/116, etc.

3.      Drive on Yixian Elevated Road and exit at Baoyang Road ramp, turn right at Baoyang Road, then go straight ahead


Business hours: 9:00-16:00 (closed on Monday)