Baoshan Cultural Centre
Source: Author: Public Time: 2016-11-28

Baoshan Cultural Centre,covering 11,797 sq m, offers a diversity of cultural and entertainment performances and activities to both the Baoshan residents and tourists. Since its opening, the centre has hold three sessions of “Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Art Festival”, “Luodian Dragon Boat Festival”, and two sessions of “Modern Chinese Folk Painting Exhibition”. Part of the staff have taken part in the cultural activities in France, Belgium and Brazil along with Baoshan Folk Art Ensemble.


Blow-molding print is a distinguished cultural brand of Baoshan. In 1991 the district was named by the Ministry of Culture “the home to modern Chinese folk paintings”, and in 1996 Yanghang (Baoshan) “the town of Chinese Folk Art”.


Add: No.1760 Mudanjiang Rd., Baoshan District, Shanghai
Tel: 86-21-56693693