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The Relics of Shanghai’s Engineering Society
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-04-13


The Shanhai Engineering Society was a special village educational organization established in 1932 by Tao Xinghe. After 1933, it became a stronghold for the Chinese Communist Party’s underground activity. After the August 13th, 1937 battle of Shanghai, the Shanhai Engineering Society shut down because it was located in a warzone. In April of 1946, Tao Xinghe returned to Shanghai and reinstated the society, re-naming it the Shanhai Experimental Village School. Following Zhou Enlai’s written orders, in 1951 the school was renamed as Xinghe Public Primary School. In 1981, the old name was reinstated. In 1986, a memorial hall was constructed in the school’s original location. After the memorial’s construction, the former site of the school sustained heavy damage as a result of the city’s remodeling. On June 1st, 1992, it was named one of Shanghai’s commemorative sites. In 1995, thh Shanhai Engineering Society was rebuilt in the town of Dachang, in Baoshan district, at No. 200, Longzhu Park. It is now used for Dachang’s village committee meetings, with a floor devoted to the Shanhai Engineering Society.