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Submarine Cable Landing Room
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-04-13


The Submarine Cable Landing Room was built in 1873 during the reign of the Qing Emperor Tongzhi. Because the existing telegraph cable in the waters of the Huangpu river was constantly being broken by the anchors of steamships coming and going, the Danish Great Northern Telegraph Company started construction on a land-based cable. Without the consent of the Chinese government, they the Huangpu telegraph room’s cable across the Huangpu river to the Wusong dock area, constructing a telegraph station near Zhanghua Creek. Afterwards, they built a land-based cable, 16.09 kilometers in length, and with the permission of the Ministry of works connected it with the Bund’s telegraph room, thereby creating a second telegraphic cable line from Shanghai to Europe.


Today, the Submarine Cable Landing Room is located at the southeast side of 3945 Yixian Road in Baoshan district (within Shanghai East Ship Engineering Co., Ltd.). The brick building is a three-story castellated tower, built in the architectural style of Queen Ann’s day, with water-red brick walls, and an opposite tower structure. The rooms on the ends of the building protrude slightly. The building is 27.14 meters tall and 17.14 meters wide, occupying an area of 465.2 square meters.


On September 23rd, 1999, the Submarine Cable Landing Room was named one of Shanghai’s outstanding historical buildings. It has important historical, cultural and artistic value, and has been preserved relatively well.