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Luodian’s Red Cross Monument
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-04-13



Luodian’s Red Cross Monument was constructed in 1946 to commemorate the August 23rd, 1937 rescue mission carried out by Assistant Team Leader Su Keji and his team members Xie Huixian, Liu Zhongwu and Chen Xiufang. In their mission to rescue Yuan Jinhan, a pilot in enemy territory, they were murdered by the Japanese army. The original platform of the monument occupied a space of 229.4 square meters, with a height of 5.65 meters.

Because the monument fell into disrepair after many years of neglect, in June of 1981 the local civil administration erected a new monument at Luodian Middle School. In 1984 the city’s cultural management committee constructed an enlarged monument 15 meters to the west of the old one, and in the former likeness of the original, and on March 19th of the same year named it as a Shanghai Commemorative Site.


In 2000 the monument was renovated once again, now standing at a height of 8.33 meters, with each side 3.3 meters in length and a base length and width of 14 meters and 12.7 meters, respectively. On the front side of the monument is the inscription: “This monument is to commemorate the martyrs of the Republic of China, who sacrificed their lives resisting the Japanese in the Red Cross’ first rescue expedition.”


This monument serves as a valuable piece of history for those studying the war of resistance and the Save the Nation Anti-Japanese Protest Movement, as well as a cautionary reminder to later generations.