Baoshan stadium poised for Blackpool Dance Festival
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-11-02


Ballroom dancers from around the world show their talent at the Blackpool Dance Festival.


The Blackpool Dance Festival, the world’s most famous annual ballroom dance competition and billed as the “Olympic in dance”, will be held at Baoshan Sports Center from August 17 to 23.


To offer the best experience for dancers and inspectors, the Baoshan government has upgraded the sports center, particularly the basketball stadium, which is going to be the main venue of the festival.


“Dancing is a popular activity of Baoshan people. It is healthy and fashionable. The Blackpool Dance Festival will allow local residents to watch the world’s best ballroom dances and prompt us to provide better services for the people,” said Chen Xiaojie, vice mayor of Baoshan.


The festival originated in Blackpool, Britain in 1920. It is held every year with ballroom dancers from more than 60 countries. Master classes, a forum and an exhibition will be held on the sidelines of the competition.