Opera performers bring their art to communities
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-02-28

Peking Opera artist Ni Maocai (center) shares his acting experiences with his fans in Baoshan.


Opera artists interacted with opera fans and amateur artists as part of the Baoshan Theatre program recently during lectures in local communities in Baoshan.


Peking Opera artist Ni Maocai, for example, gave a lecture in Yuepu Town; Kunqu performer Shen Yili gave a class on the Suzhou-dialect opera at the Shanghai Museum of Glass; Huangmei Opera actress Yang Jun met her fans in a community by Youyi Road; and Yueju artist Ou Kaiming offered a lecture in Luodian Town.


Cultural officials in the district said more events are on the calendar, such as a rehashed classic opera instructed by the famous Peking Opera master Shang Changrong. Local residents are able to enjoy 12 different operas in the third season of the Baoshan Theater program.