Curtain lifts on Baoshan Citizens Cultural Festival
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-02-24

Peking Opera artist Shang Changrong is named chief consultant for the Baoshan Theatre program.



Nearly a thousand people watched Peking Opera performances in the auditorium of Baoshan District Party School on Wednesday. The show marked the start of the 2017 Citizens Cultural Festival. Famous Peking Opera artist Shang Changrong appeared on the stage.


The 77-year-old master artist donated his opera costumes to the Baoshan Museum of Folk Arts and was appointed chief consultant of the Baoshan Theatre program.


This year’s cultural festival will present 12 theatrical productions to the public. The Baoshan Theatre program, initiated in 2015, aims to let local residents appreciate high-quality Chinese operas in Huangmei, Kunqu and Yueju styles as well as puppet shows, children’s plays and ballet dances.


Additionally, Baoshan hosted the Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival for six years in a run and the Shanghai International Folk Arts Festival for nine years, attracting some 3,000 folk artists from over 50 countries.


The district government also cooperated with the Chen Bochui International Children's Literature Awards and the Shanghai Press & Publication Bureau to promote the production of children’s books.