Supporting Policies in Baoshan
Source: Author: Public Time: 2018-01-07

To support the development of the advanced manufacturing industry, modern service industry and emerging industry and obtain higher achievements in environmental management, energy conservation and emission reduction, etc., the "1+9" Special Fund System for Supporting Industrial Development of Baoshan District has been formulated in the spirit of relevant municipal policies and documents.


• The “1” here refers to: the overall guideline for the use management of various special funds, i.e., the Several Policies and Opinions of Baoshan District on the Special Financial Funds for Adjusting Structure, Promoting Transformation and Supporting Industrial Development;


• The “9” here refers to: based on the principle of integration of departments and regions at different levels, nine special funds will be established, respectively:


    - Fund for Service Industry Development and Guidance
    - Special Fund for the Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry (Including the policies of Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics)
    - Special Fund for Scientific and Technical Innovation
    - Special Fund for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction
    - Special Fund for Structure Adjustment and Transformation Promotion of Financial Services
    - Special Fund for Zhangjiang Baoshan Park development
    - Special Fund for Industrial Development and Scale Operation of Agriculture
    - Special Fund for Talent Development
    - Fund for Cultural Innovation Industry Development and Guidance(Including the policies of the Mobile Internet Industry)


A corresponding Administrative Measures for the nine special funds is also formulated, and published on the government portal website of Baoshan District (