'Smart Baoshan' in the future five years
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-12-22

Promote resource integration and build a resource-sharing “Smart Baoshan District”

(13th Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development of Baoshan District, Shanghai)

Baoshan District shall deeply implement the strategy of informatization and integration strategy, and accelerate the upgrading of information infrastructure. Baoshan shall also develop smart city application, promote the resource sharing, break the isolated information island and maximize the information productivity, enhance the function of strategic leading and technical supporting to further promote the development of smart Baoshan.


I. Improving the service level of information infrastructure

Basoshan shall enhance comprehensive planning and coordination to build high-speed, integrated and safe new-generation information network infrastructure and make full use of “Cloud+Network+Terminal.”
II. Promoting information resource sharing, using and developing
Realizing the government information resource sharing: Baoshan shall strengthen top-level design; promote digitization, networking and complete informatization of government administrative information resources; build a basic data base involving rich, dynamic and valid information of population, credit, file photos, space and geography to innovate the government work mode and fully realize on-line reuse and verification of government affair information.

Baoshan shall also establish and improve the government information sharing mechanism and Baoshan data service network to offer enterprises and citizens public data services on economy, education, transportation, environment and market supervision.

Comprehensively promoting the using and development of data resources: Baoshan will build a big-data platform which offers government public service and is seamlessly connected to the online government hall; build livelihood service system of health information and comprehensive city management to get the information timely on the quality, quantity, and satisfaction of services offered to public and enterprises by government; establish all-day-online system of social information collection and response and do data mining and comprehensive analysis to improve the government's reaction capability and social responsiveness; promote wide use of data resources, innovation and development of public data socialization mechanism; establish a unified video resource sharing platform Integrate video surveillance information on public security, transportation, urban management, parks, community management and social construction to achieve urban visualized management.


III. Deeply promoting the smart city applications
Creating intelligent life: Baoshan will build an upgraded version of the “Intelligent Health” system; improve healthcare sharing platform and health information platform for electronic health records and medical institutes to comprehensively build digital hospitals; promote the construction of intelligent culture and education; promote the digitization and cyberization service of public cultural resources and form an Intelligent Education portal offering services to all citizens; build Intelligent Transportation platform and improve the information services of roads, metro lines, boats, public bicycles and parking lots; coordinate various types of pension service information resources of government and the market, improve the intelligent elderly service platform; build intelligent communities, villages as well as people's livelihood cloud information service platform; promote the integrated livelihood service and intelligent social management. 

Strengthening the management of smart city construction: Baoshan will strengthen urban grid management and expand the application scope based on the city management linkage and cooperation; establish comprehensive market supervision platform, enhance the traceability of food products, improve the ability of big data using and build mechanism on the response and dishonesty constraint of inter departmental law enforcement; promote “safe city” construction, upgrade public security video surveillance applications and increase the video surveillance coverage of key public areas to 100 percent; promote the construction of intelligent transportation and finish building Intelligent Transportation 3.0; strengthen the information supervision of ecology and monitor pollution sources; build “Intelligent Construction Site” to realize real-time monitoring of construction dust and construction progress; promote the scientific application of big data and "Internet plus" in the district’s production safety supervision; build a production safety information network which covers the whole district and connects to the municipal production safety information network; strengthen the construction of meteorological information system and improve the ability of weather disaster prevention.


Building “Intelligent Government Affairs” system: Baoshan will build a unified online service portal, move department and town websites into the unified portal and promote intensive website construction, service resource sharing, and convenient ways of government service; promote collaborative e-government and paperless meetings; improve the social credit information platform, enhance credit information application, establish information disclosure and credit archive system and a unified and practical credit information service platform; build a unified e-government data center and a government public e-platform to realize the coordination of hardware resources, data exchange and application supporting; accelerate the construction of intelligent industrial park and the formation of the enterprise-oriented one-stop Internet public management service system of industrial parks.


IV. Enhancing the ability of network security

Baoshan will build independent and reliable comprehensive network security system and safe network environment in order to ensure the safe operation of “smart city” system.