Investment Guidance

Baoshan’s Development Priorities
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2016-12-07

Baoshan District focuses its attention on the cultivation and development of six industries, the transformation and upgrading of three industries as well as the adjustment and elimination of three types of enterprises, thus forming a “633” industrial development pattern.


Cultivation and development of six industries


● Information service industry: To deepen the penetration of mobile internet, internet of things and other information technologies into and their integration with such fields like manufacture, communication and transportation, warehousing & logistics, creative industry and e-commerce; promote the construction of the third-party e-commerce platform targeting various fields and industries, and popularize the concept of online consumption; actively introduce cloud computing technology and service enterprises, and explore cloud computing service-based new business patterns; and emphasize the development of information service industries like mobile internet, e-commerce, software, digital games, animation derivatives, cloud computing, etc.


● Modern commerce and trade industry: To promote the development from three major aspects (i.e., commercial layout, service function and operation pattern optimization) in line with the general requirement of “Transformation & Upgrading, Development & Improvement” and based on the development framework of “rational layout, upgraded operation pattern, dislocation development and clustered functions”; improve the layout of large-scale commerce, regional commerce and community commerce; and emphasize the construction of municipal bulk commodity trading platforms, regional large-scale commercial centers and a batch of urban complexes.


● Tourism and cruise industry: As for the tourism industry, to further improve the quality of scenic spots, enhance tourism image promotion and product development, and build Baoshan into a northern Shanghai tourism base, land & water tourism distribution center and water tourism portal, which perfectly integrate water tourism, leisure tourism, business tourism, industry tourism, military tourism and sightseeing tourism; as for the cruise industry, to highlight regional advantageous features and service functions, and establish a modern cruise industry system with the cruise service industry as its core, which will be supported by the cruise tourism industry and tourism commerce, and extends to such related service industries like finance, intermediary, R&D, training, cultural innovation, exhibition, trade, etc.; to seek the interactive development of the cruise industry and tourism industry, and attach great importance to building the new tourism pattern of “One Port, Two Lakes and Three Lines”, i.e., Wusongkou International Cruise Port, Baoshan Lake Leisure & Tourism Resort, Lake Malaren Culture & Tourism Resort, red line (red tourism line), green line (ecological tourism line) and blue line (industrial tourism line).


● Professional service industry: To combine with the optimization of industrial structure and the industrial energy level upgrading to establish a series of professional productive service industry, and emphasize the development of professional service industry like energy conservation, environment protection, design, R&D, culture, automobile, logistics, finance, steel, etc.


● Intelligent equipment industry: To promote the leapfrog development of the intelligent equipment industry of Baoshan on the basis of existing equipment manufacturing industry and by means of undertaking international industrial transfer, as supported by informatization, and focus on the robotic intelligent technology industry and other intelligent equipment industry.


● New materials industry: To cultivate and develop new materials industry on the basis of the continuous enhancement of districteducation institution cooperation and the integration of production, education and research, and emphasize the creation of new materials (new biological, aerospace, nanometer materials, etc.) and extended industries bases, and accelerate the cultivation and development of environmental-friendly and energy-saving materials and new hi-tech green building materials.


Transformation and upgrading of three industries


● Traditional logistics industry: To combine mobile internet, internet of things and other information technologies, and apply a series of means, like market bidding, integrity management, locating & tracking, third-party settlement, etc., to change the traditional mode of logistics operation, increase the efficiency of logistics operation and improve the energy level of the logistics industry.


● Traditional steel trade industry: To bring into play the platform effect of Shanghai Steel Exchange Center to create a steel information, trade and finance service platform with international influence, and extend and improve the steel service industry chain.


● Traditional processing industry: To encourage and guide enterprises to enhance the intensity of technical transformation, increase the technical content of their products, promote the product updating and upgrading, improve their technical level and economic efficiency, create competitive famous-brand products and emphasize the transformation and upgrading of machinery, building materials, automobile accessory, food and other traditional processing industry.


Adjustment and elimination of three types of enterprises


To accelerate the adjustment and elimination of three types of enterprises (i.e., yard enterprises, polluting enterprises and hazardous chemicals enterprises), and completely clear out such enterprises and realize industrial pattern optimization by economic, administrative, legal and other necessary means, thus to realize the scientific development of the economy and the gradual improvement of the regional environment and overall image of Baoshan.