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One Belt -- Riverside Cruise Industry Development Belt
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2016-12-07

By virtue of the opportunity of building the Pilot Zone of China’s Cruise Tourism Development and the Pilot Zone of Comprehensive Reform for the Development of Shanghai’s International Cruise Industry, it is planned to be built into an important functional carrier of world-famous international cruise home port and shanghai international shipping center and the tourism and leisure cluster in northern shanghai. Based on the carrier construction in various functional zones and the improvement of public service supporting facilities, the transition of Baoshan riverside cruise industry development belt from a productive shoreline to a leisure and life shoreline will be accelerated to further promote its transformation from a traditional industry area into a modern and international urban new area. It will become the accumulation zone of public service industry and modern service industry of Baoshan District in the future to boost the regional industrial upgrading and will also be the core area and key area that affects and leads the transformation development of Baoshan District.


Industry orientation:

To uphold the strategy of “service industry as the leading role, high-end advancement, clustered development and coordinated interaction”, highlight regional advantageous features and service functions, and establish a modern riverside industry system with the cruise service industry as its core and supported by the cruise tourism and commercial leisure which extends to related service industries.


Core industry:  Cruise service. To rely on the international cruise port and regional transportation advantages, focus on the development and clustering of enterprises in maintenance, supply & purchase, information service, collection & distribution, customs clearance and other related business, and build it into a competitive professional cruise service base in East Asia.


Supporting industries: Tourism & leisure, and commercial retail. To provide related supporting services for the development of the cruise industry, and build it into a leisure experience & tourism destination and regional commercial center in northern Shanghai.


Extended industries: Finance, intermediary, R&D, training, cultural and creativity, exhibition and trade. To rely on the development environment created by the core industry and supporting industries to cultivate comprehensive service functions, and construct a new development space for the modern service industry of Baoshan.


Planning layout:

The overall development pattern of the cruise industry of Baoshan can be summarized as “One core, one ring and three belts”, in which the “one core” refers to Wusongkou International Cruise Port and its surrounding area, which serves as the gathering and distributing center of passenger flow, material flow and commercial flow and the core development area of the cruise industry, it clusters those cruise service industry directly serving cruises and tourists, and selectively arranges cruise tourism, commercial leisure and other core industrial functions; the “one ring” refers to the riverside and hinterland surrounding Wusongkou International Cruise Port, which, as the primary cluster of the two supporting industries (i.e., cruise tourism and commercial leisure), undertakes the spillover effect of the “one core” and allocates the extended industries according to the demands; and the “three belts” refer to the northern riverside belt, southern riverside belt and western riverside belt (Wenzaobang), and they constitute the cluster and the spatial reserve area for the future development of the extended industries of the cruise industry.


Based on the various features of riverside shoreline, Baoshan riverside belt is divided into six industry blocks, namely, five functional areas and one development area; from north to south, it is divided into Area XIV of Shanghai International Port, Baoyang Road Dock, Naval Port 818 and Wusong Street, Area IX and Area X of Shanghai International Port and Wenzaobang Cluster. Its expansion areas cover the riverside structural adjustment areas within the scope of Baoshan District along the Yangtze River, Huangpu River, and Wenzaobang.


Development situation:

Its functional development has obtained breakthrough development. In October, 2011, the former Baoyang Road Old Dock was reconstructed into Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port and officially completed and put into operation. It was also successfully declared as the “Pilot Zone of Comprehensive Reform for the Development of Shanghai’s International Cruise Industry”, marking the emergence of a new engine for the functional remodeling and morphology development of the riverside development belt. In 2012, the “Pilot Zone of China’s Cruise Tourism Development” was officially inaugurated in Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port, and became the first national experimental cruise tourism area, thus opening new avenues for the development of the cruise and tourism economy of Baoshan. Major riverside projects are also orderly carried out, not to mention a series of functional projects which are also successively started, such as overall transformation of Area XIV of Shanghai International Port, Wusong Zero-Point Plaza, Riverside Avenue, Baoyang Road Dock Transportation Hub, Shanghai International Cruise Talents Cultivation Center, Shanghai International Cruise Academy, Shanghai International Cruise Distribution Center, etc. The entire riverside development belt will gradually form a development pattern of “Clustered on points, connected into lines, and linked up together”


Functional supporting facilities:


To accelerate the pace of construction to further improve the regional transportation of the riverside belt by four ways: first, to connect the roads into an interconnected road network, thus to improve the current collection and distribution road network that is not systematic enough; second, to form a road system of three levels in the riverside belt, i.e., slow traffic roads, living branches and traffic relief roads; third, to enhance multi-mode traffic organization to form a systematic public transportation system of “rail transit-special line bus-shuttle bus-regular public transport”, and to introduce new means of transportation, like telpher, to satisfy the demand of increased passenger flow; fourth, to improve the water transportation system, and, relying on the construction of the collection, distribution and transportation informatization system, explore the cruise, yacht and tourist boat transfer system and water-land transfer system.


To carry forward the construction to further allocate the landing of functional projects. A series of functional projects (like cruise academy, cultural conference and exhibition center, cruise sales exhibition center, etc.) are planned to be built in the area, plus the office area of the “Comprehensive Cruise Reform Demonstration Area” (cruise technology trading, product test, standard certification, legal consulting, cruise research and development, management institution, banking, insurance and specialty shopping blocks).


To enhance the services to establish a public service platform. A unified public service informatization platform will be established for the development of the cruise industry by fully bringing into play the guidance and service functions of the government to integrate market resources, attempting to purchases relevant services or cooperating with the cruise industry association to build a unified public service platform for the cruise development. Efforts will be made in order to achieve the goal of developing a comprehensive cruise website of the Yangtze River Delta region with online trading functions in a few years.



    Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise terminal

    Wusong Paotaiwan Wetland Forest Park & Yangtze River Estuary Science and Technology Museum

    Zero Point Plaza
    Sanshui International Plaza


    Shinyo International Commercial Plaza

    Anderson Plaza

    Shanghai Iron-Steel Finance Industrial Park (Shanghai Iron & Steel Trading Center)

    Noah Xintiandi

    Shanghai Baoshan Arena

    Xingfu Creation Park

    Dong Ding International Business Building

    Baosteel Business Center

    Wusong Luoji Refrigeratory for Cruise Supply

    Youyi Urban Industry Service Center

    Bao Square


    Wusong River Yacht Base

    Baoshan Times International Plaza

    Shanghai Headquarters Base for CSC

    Riverside Commerce & Business Centre

    Shuangqing Road Urban Complex