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Metro Line 1 -- National Hi-tech Service Industry Base
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2016-12-07

Relying on the brand advantages of the key Shanghai national hi-tech service incubation park , and having adopted the pattern of "Integration of Five Intellects like a Fist Formed by Five Fingers" and taking Metro Line 1 as the principal axis, it is a major intellect-led hi-tech service industry cluster constituted of five parks, namely, "Miaohang Intellect Park", "Gaojing Intellect Park", "Gucun Intellect Park", "Yanghang Intellect Park" and "Zhangmiao Intellect Park".


Industry Orientation:

Based on its overall orientation, it is planned to be built into a hi-tech service industry system focusing on digital content service, e-commerce service, information technology service and other hi-tech service industry, with the headquarters base, R&D center, operation center and service outsourcing base, etc. of hi-tech service enterprises as its radiation cores and with regional intellectual property trading center and Shanghai E-commerce Professional Incubator as supporting facilities.


"Miaohang Intellect Park" mainly focuses on the development of e-commerce, information service and headquarters economy; "Gaojing Intellect Park" mainly focuses on the development of commercial, business and information technology service; "Yanghang Intellect Park" mainly focuses on the development of information service and headquarters economy; "Gucun Intellect Park" mainly focuses on the development of service outsourcing and R&D; while "Zhangmiao Intellect Park" mainly focuses on the development of industrial design, architectural design, etc. and the building of a hi-tech service production, education and research base.


Planning Layout:

Shanghai Intellect Industry Park is located on the longitudinal axis of the “ 申”-shaped modern service industry cluster (which is constituted by the east and west axes, Huangpu River and the Middle Ring) and along the Metro Line 1, starting in the south from Gongkang Road Station through Tonghe Xincun Station and Hulan Road Station to Gongfu Xincun Station in the north.


The five parks occupy a total planned area of nearly 3k㎡ , the main carriers and supporting projects in the area occupy a floor area of more than 2,600 mu, the construction scale reaches more than 2,000,000 ㎡, and the amount invested is expected to exceed RMB 10 billion Yuan.


Development Situation:

In recent years, around the four stations (from Gongkang Road Station to Gongfu Xincun Station) along the Metro Line 1, we have built Shanghai Intellect Industry Park, Wanda Plaza, Greenland New Metrpolis, Shanghai Wedding Center, Urban Xinhui, Bojitang Science Park, North Outer Ring Information Industry Park, etc., which together occupy an area of over 800,000 ㎡ ; a series of hi-tech service enterprises are also gathered here, like 51 Buy, 21 Vianet, Boqii, etc.; with more than 1,000,000 ㎡ of modern service industry carriers under construction or planned to be constructed. Today, the national hi-tech service industry base has come into being.


Functional Supporting Facilities:

There are rail transit lines, arterial roads and bus lines directly leading to the park, and the traffic to railway stations and airports is also very convenient.


The park is accompanied around by commercial and tourism facilities like Baosheng Hotel, Gongfu Hotel, Shanghai Dacon Entertainment City hotel, etc. and financial institutions like Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC), China Construction Bank (CCB), Agricultural Bank of China (ABC), Bank of Communications (BOCOM), etc., so the commercial supporting facilities are very complete and convenient here.


Besides shopping centers like Carrefour, E-Mart, etc., leisure facilities like Sports Club of Baoshan District, Tonghe Public Fitness and Activity Center, Sitang Park, Sanquan Park, etc. and medical institutions like Baoshan Branch of Huashan Hospital, Renhe Hospital, Jiangong Geriatric Nursing Hospital are also available, so the living facilities are very well-equipped here.


In the area with the park as the origin point and 10km as its radius, the intellectual resources are very rich here. Besides famous universities and science and technology incubators, like Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, Tongji University, Fudan University, Shanghai International Studies University, and Fudan University Science Park etc., there are also Baosteel, Northern Shanghai Industry Park, PENINSULA 1919, Dachang Airport, etc., jointly forming a “quarter-hour” intellectual economy circle which will become the extended spreading-type window connecting the Yangtze River Delta, serving the Yangtze River Basin.



    Baoshan Wanda Plaza

    Greenland New Metropolis

    Shanghai Intellect Industry Park

    Shanghai Mobile Business Industry Park(Xinlu International Tower)

    Shanghai Mobile Business Industry Park(Urban Xinhui Business Building)

    Junli Fortune Building

    Shanghai Wedding Center

    Shanghai Boji Intellect Park

    Red Sun Commercial Plaza

    Yuejie- Intellect Creation Park

    Kailun- Intellect Creation Park

    Zhangmiao Modern Services Industry Complex Building

    Northern Shanghai Data Center Industrial Park

    Shanghai International Online Shopping Center Industry Park

    Shanghai Gongfu Park of Yangtze River Delta Services Outsourcing Base

    Shihua Commercial Plaza

    North Outer Ring Information Industry Park

    Kaidi Kaihe Sunshine Plaza

    Chengxi Complex
    Northern Shanghai Commercial Plaza

    Inter-Continental Express Holiday Hotel

    Shanghai Xinbao Incubation Service Center

    North Wing Life Plaza

    Baojiao Mansion

    Yibo Mansion

    Prologis (Shanghai) International Supply Chain Management Demonstration Park

    Miaohang Gonghexin Road Urban Complex

    Bailian Chengjian International Wine & Spirits Trading Center

    Shanghai Life Experience Center for the Aged