Targets for Baoshan's social and economic development
Source: Author: Public Time: 2016-01-11

7th session of 1st People's Congress of Baoshan District opened January 4th. Wang Hong, governor of Baoshan, delivered government work report which puts forward the social and economic development targets for the next five years (2011-2015) of the district.


In the five years, added value of Baoshan will increase over 10 per cent annually, among which the proportion of 3rd industry will be increased to 60 per cent. Total investment in fixed assets will reach 200 billion yuan. Local fiscal revenue will keep pace with the economic growth. The complex energy consumption for every unit of added value will be reduced by 4 per cent each year. Per capita disposable income of both urban household and rural areas will see an annual double-digit growth.


Besides, the new types of green space will not be less than 800 hectares and the forest green rate of the district will reach about 25.5 percent. The regional dust will continue to decline, the rate of urban sewage into pipelines will be up to 90per cent, and the excellent rate of ambient air quality up to more than 90 per cent. The public security index of Baoshan will remain above 80.