Industrial Development Plan of Baoshan
Source: Author: Public Time: 2016-11-27

Distribution of industrial zones
Within the region, such industrial distribution structure as "1 (national super-sized enterprise) +2 (municipal) + 1 (district)" will be formed.
National super-sized enterprise: BaoSteel, is planned to cover an area of 26 square kilometers
Industrial zones at the municipal level: Wusong industrial zone, and Baoshan industrial zone (North, and South section), are planned to cover respectively an area of 16 and 31.5 square kilometers
Industrial zone at the district level: Yueyang industrial zone (including Gucun industrial zone) is planned to cover an area of 10 square kilometers

2nd industry
Taking fine steel and the extended industry as the dominant, efforts will be made to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, and improve industrial land and output efficiency. New materials and urban-oriented industries will be actively developed.

Modern productive services will be vigorously developed. The development of basic services will be enhanced. The development of new services will be fostered. The construction of modern service industries concentrated area will be promoted.

Ecological agriculture, special agriculture, export agriculture, and equipment agriculture will be actively developed, to promote the transformation of agriculture in Baoshan to modern urban agriculture. The focus will be put on the construction of Luodian, and Luojing Modern Ecological Agriculture Development Zone.