Baosight Cloud IDC
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  As an Internet of Things Data Center project jointly developed and constructed by Alibaba, China Telecom and Baosight Software, it utilizes the workshops of the Luojing Factory of BaoSteel, and is built into a three-storey IDC machine room capable of holding about 4,000 equipment cabinets. It provides not only a high-availability machine room environment supporting the operation of IT equipments, but also IDC outsourcing services for the trusteeship of IT equipment.
  Invested in a total amount of RMB 536,500,000 Yuan, the project is currently under construction, and planned to be put into use in February 2014.

  Traffic location:
  No.777 Yunchuan Road, Luojing Town, at the intersection of Yunchuan Road and Jinshi Road
  Tel: +86-21- 20378893
  Fax: +86-21- 20378895