Haibao Demonstration Park of Shanghai Mobile In...
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  Through reconstructing the old factory building of the former Shanghai Haibao Glass Co., Ltd., this project is planned to be built into an pioneer district of mobile internet industry innovation, high-end talent gathering area and application service demonstration zone for Shanghai, dominated by mobile internet applications and services and supported by the development of mobile information, mobile reading, mobile search, mobile payment, mobile entertainment, mobile location-based services and other applications. By gathering mobile internet information consultation, application recommendation, trading docking and other related services, it mainly targets benchmarking application enterprises and innovative enterprises.
  The project phase I covers a construction area of 30,000㎡ and has been completed. nIt is invested and operated by Shanghai No.8 Bridge Investment Management Co., Ltd. The project phase II, also covering a construction area of 30,000㎡, is invested by Shanghai Baoshan Tangqiao Foreign Trade Storage & Transport Co., Ltd., and will be put into construction at the beginning of 2014.

  Traffic location:
  No. 4361 Hutai Road, close to the Gucun Park Station of Metro Line 7
  Tel: +86-21-64157108, 56185110