Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Trading C...
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  The project will be built into a national demonstration base for the standardized distribution of wines that integrates customs commodity inspection and clearance, warehousing and distribution, trading, exhibition, financial services and training center, and a logistics and sales center of imported cold chain food. It includes the completed large-sized bonded warehouses and the “Shanghai International Wine Exchange” trading service platform under construction, exhibition base, large-scale wine cellar, cold chain food warehousing, logistics base, etc., and provides high-efficiency and speedy services for domestic and foreign dealers and large-sized hotels and supermarkets. By holding cold chain food sales exhibition, international wine festivals and summit forums, etc., it will become a cluster of the wine industry chain.
  Occupying a floor area of 60 mu and a total construction area of 66,000㎡, the project is invested in a total amount of RMB 220 million Yuan, and planned to be put into construction in the first half of 2014.

  Traffic location:
  Located inside Shanghai Luojing Port Supporting Industrial Park, at the intersection of Panjing Road and Baoqian Road
  Tel: +86-21-36325072-8005