Datang Renewable Power Wind Power Generation Pr...
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  The riverside wind power resource advantage of Luojing Town is utilized to develop decentralized wind power energy. Six Vestas V90-2000KW wind systems are planned to be installed for deployment (unit capacity: 2000 KW; wind turbine diameter, 80m), with a total installed capacity of 12MW.
  The project occupies a floor area of 3.6 mu and invested in a total amount of about RMB 100 million Yuan. Currently it is in the stage of wind measurement.

  Traffic location:
  Within the 0.8㎡ area of the east forest belt of Luojing Town, close to Luojing Port Area
  Tel: +86-10-83956523
  Fax: +86-10-83956519