Gucun Park and Hengshan Beijiao Hotel
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  Gucun Park is a large suburban ecological park that consists of several theme parks including suburban field, forest water view, forest meadow, forest fitness area, forest barbecue area, forest roaming area, flower view, fruits area, and children amusement area, etc. All these theme parks present the ecological effects of different plant communities with their own views, inherit the history and culture of the region, reflect the ecological philosophy of harmony between man and nature, which makes the park an ideal place for urban people to experience ecological leisure, enjoy entertainment & vacation, and get close to nature. Hengshan Beijiao Hotel and Baoshan International Folk Arts Exposition are located here.
  Shanghai Sakura Festival is also held annually in the park.As the largest cherry blossom sightseeing place in Shanghai, it has a cultivated area of 800 mu, covering more than 40 varieties and more than 10,000 individual plants.
  While the function of Hengshan Beijiao Hotel is oriented in Shanghai Eco-Conference Centre and entertainment resort hotel. It is designed and built in accordance with the standard of four-star tourist hotel, is under the management of Shanghai Hengshan Group.
  The park covers a total area of 286,668㎡, of which Phase-I is of 120,001㎡ and has been completed and opened since 2010 and Phase-II is under construction. In 2012, Park has been named the National 4A scenic area by Tourist Administration of the people's Republic of China.

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