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Baoshan Industrial Zone
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2014-12-16

Baoshan Industrial Zone is a municipal level industrial park built in March 2003 with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Government; it is located in the northern suburb of Shanghai and the northernmost region in Baoshan District. Neighboring Yangtze River in the east, bordering with Jiading District in the west and adjoining with Jiangsu Province in the north, Baoshan Industrial Park plays an important role as the north gate of the region.


Occupying a planned area of 20.54 ㎡, the park extends to North Wenchuan in the east, Xinchuansha Road in the north, Shitai Road in the south and Hutai Road in the west. It has an exploitable land area of 14.6㎡, in which an area of 7.45㎡ has been developed.


Based on planning at a high starting point, high intensity input, high standard construction and high efficiency service, the park is intented to be built into a suitable platform for further development of enterprises. Through the efforts made during the last decade, a developmental pattern of four leading industries has taken shape, including the oil equipment industry dominated by Hilong Group and KINGTEC Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the electrical and electronic industry dominated by Songchuan Electronic Co., SCII, BAOLIN Electric Group CO.,Ltd., the advanced equipment industry dominated by Pacific Mechatronic Group Co., Ltd., Polysius and Yifeng Mould and the extended industry of fine steel dominated by SCK, Shanghai Baosteel Packaging Co., Ltd. and Oriental Sheet Piling (China) Co. Ltd.. Luo Sen Bao R&D buildings have been built up, Xu Hui house estates have been completed and Bailu Park (230,000㎡ ) has been put into use. The comprehensive high-tech-led industrial park featured of industrial concentration, livable and enterprise-friendly environment and city-industry integration has been primarily built up.


During the "12th Five-year Plan" period, the park will further enhance inter-district cooperation and brand linkage.


By taking the development opportunities brought by the incorporation into Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstrate Zone and the in-depth cooperation with Jinqiao Group and relying on the brand advantages like "Shanghai New Industrialization (Energy Equipment & New Materials) Industry Demonstration Base", the park is to transform itself into a comprehensive park, dominated by advanced manufacturing industries, led by strategic new industries, supported by modern service industries and with industrialization and informatization highly integrated and city–industry integration. The park will focus on the development of strategic new industries like intelligent manufacturing, energy equipment, new materials and electronic information.



Rosenberg Innovation Park


The residential villa elements and business office atmosphere are perfectly incorporated to create an ideal external space and ecological landscape, and to build a high-end intelligent German style forest industry park which not only has beautiful environment and rich spatial dimensions but also integrates production, office, exhibition, living and comprehensive management functions.


Currently, having established the import food-based theme of big health, light weight and low carbon, it is mainly devoted to attracting and incubating big health-themed enterprises, and has become a characteristic park in Baoshan Industrial Park.


The project phase I occupies a floor area of 150 mu, and is constituted by 70 duplexes villas, five small high-rise office buildings, a 24,000㎡ commercial plaza and a 3,300㎡ clubhouse. Investment promotion is now in progress by means of both rental and sales.



Traffic location:
No.4333 Panjing Road (Jinshi Road intersection), in the central belt of Shanghai Baoshan Industrial Park, close to Malaren Lake in Luodian Town, Baoshan District
Tel: +86-21-33850000, +86-21-66108733



Hilong Group Co.,Ltd


It is a large-sized professional physical investment holding enterprise group engaged in petroleum and natural gas-related industry, and its subsidiaries specialized in manufacturing are mainly distributed in the Shanghai and Jiangsu-centered Yangtze River Delta region and have established their manufacturing bases on Tianjin, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Northeast China, etc. Hilong Group of Companies undertakes the production, manufacture as well as domestic and international trade and cooperation businesses of petroleum investment and petroleumrelated products, in America, the Middle East, Russia, North Africa and some European regions.



Traffic location:
No.1825 Luodong Road (close to Jingshi Road)
Tel: +86-21-33851599
Fax: +86-21-33851858



Polysius (Shanghai) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.


As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Polysius AG in China, it is affiliated to ThyssenKrupp Group. Its products sold in domestic market mainly include vertical roller mill, coal mill, high pressure roller mill, powder concentrator and combustion components, and its products for export mainly include cooler, mill parts and steel structure.


Occupying a floor area of about 30mu, the project was put into construction in July 2009, and put into trial operation in August 2010 after equipment commissioning.



Traffic location:
Room 201 Building 4, No.198 Changjian Road, Baoshan District
Tel: +86-21-56448759
Fax: +86-21-56456893



Shanghai Beststeel Steel Structure Construction Co., Ltd.


It is one of the largest manufacturing bases of prefabricated steel-structured metal roof (wall) system products in Mainland China, and the products made here are extensively applied in various largesized venues, industrial factories, commercial facilities, residential houses and other fields both at home and abroad, including the National Stadium of Beijing Olympic Games, reconstruction in WenChuan earthquake-affected regions, the venue construction of Shanghai Expo, etc.


The company has been elected as Shanghai High & New Technology Enterprise, Shanghai Design Innovation Demonstration Enterprise, a vice president enterprise of Shanghai Metal Construction Association, the Enterprise Technology Center of Baoshan District, a president enterprise of Baoshan Steel Structure Chamber of Commerce (Association) and a member of American FM Advisory Committee, and the brand “Beststeel” has been awarded as “Famous Brand in Shanghai”, “Shanghai Famous Brand Product”, “Chinese Steel Structure Brand” and “Shanghai High & New Technology Enterprise”.


The enterprise occupies a floor area of 200mu, in which the factory area accounts for 50,000㎡.



Traffic location:
No.1309 Luoning Road, Baoshan Industrial Park (close to the intersection of Hutai Road and Jinshi Road)
Tel: +86-21-33851020
Fax: +86-21-33851009