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Shanghai Industrial Park of Robots
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1. Functional orientation:

Based on the overall industrial adjustment plot of Gucun Industrial Park (which occupies a site area of 4,635mu, and was established as a district level industrial park in 1994 with the approval of Shanghai Baoshan People’s Government and integrated into the current Gucun Industrial Park of Shanghai Yueyang Industrial Park) and in combination with the industrial transformation of Gucun Industrial Park, it is planned to be built into a cluster of intelligent equipment manufacturing industries, dominated by robotic industry and supported by the joint development of advanced manufacturing industries and manufacture-related service industries. It is also planned to be built into a technical innovation-led demonstration zone of China intelligent equipment manufacturing industry, an important global intelligent equipment manufacturing base focusing on the R&D and manufacture of robots, and one of the "Intellect Creation" centers.


The park was established in September 2012 with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, occupying a planned land area of 3.09 k㎡.


Industrial functional structure: "one main, one auxiliary and one supporting"

"One Main",
namely: an industrial cluster with the robotic industrial chain as the core, mainly including the R&D of industrial robots (dominated by auto, electronics, steel and aerospace industries) and service robots (mainly household robots and medical robots), the manufacture of key and core parts, the application, development and assembly of robots, the downstream robotic application industries and technical training on robots.

"One Auxiliary ", namely: adopting the manufacturing of other intelligent equipment as the auxiliary function, mainly including high-end NC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment; precision and intelligent instruments, apparatuses and test devices; key and basic spare parts, components and universal parts.

"One Supporting", namely: adopting the manufacture-related service industry cluster as the supporting function, and striving to develop technological experience, exhibition fair, research & education, high-end forums and other supportive industries.


2. Planning layout:

"Three areas, two axes and one core"

"Three areas", namely: robotic R&D and achievement transformation area, headquarters economy area and intelligent equipment manufacturing area.

-- Robotic R&D and achievement transformation area: led by current robotic enterprises and expanding outward, in order to build an intelligent equipment manufacturing industry cluster dominated by the robotic industry; mainly including industrial robot industry park, service robot industry park and robotic animation design innovation park.

-- Headquarters economy area: constructing a high-end manufacture-related service industry system, building an intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise headquarters base dominated by the robotic industry, and mainly including R&D office area and headquarters base.

-- Intelligent equipment manufacturing area: accelerating the elimination of inferior enterprises, introducing high-end equipment (intelligent equipment, for example) manufacturing enterprises and building an intelligent equipment manufacturing industry cluster.

"Two axes", namely: business axis and landscape axis.

-- Business axis: building a convenient east-west arterial road along West Youyi Road on both sides for business office.

-- Landscape axis: an ecological landscape axis connecting the south and north sides of the park.

"One core", namely: the public service core area of the robotic industry park.

Main buildings: Robotic Theme Technological Park, Robotic Technological Building, Shanghai Robotic Museum, International Robotic (Shanghai) Exhibition and Trading Center, International Robotic (Shanghai) Technology & Fortune Forum, the Robotic Institute of Shanghai and the Robotic Academy of Shanghai, etc.


  Traffic location:
No.898 Bao’an Highway
Tel: +86-21-36310333
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Shanghai-Fanuc Robotics Co. Ltd.


The company is a hi-tech joint venture established by Shanghai Electric Group and FANUC LTD. Having inherited the scientific and technological strength of FANUC LTD. and combined the powerful advantages of the local Chinese enterprise, it is devoted to provide professional and highquality robotics and automated production system to factories and the manufacturing industry as a whole, and has become one of the most outstanding automation equipment suppliers in domestic.


The enterprise occupies a floor area of 60.61 mu, and the project phase I, occupying a total construction area of 20,000 ㎡, has been completed and put into service. The project phase II, the robotic system R&D center and the expansion of the plant, occupies a site area of 30 mu, and is invested in the amount of RMB 225 million Yuan. It will be put into construction at the end of 2013.


Traffic location:
No.1500 Fulian Road in the park


China Robot Design and Application Center


Shanghai Robot R&D and Application Center is established by transforming the old factory, and provides exhibition transaction, business incubation, financial service, technical cooperation and other incubation services in the robot industry, thus to cultivate small and medium-sized robot enterprises and enhance the incubation service functions of Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics.


The project is invested and constructed by Shanghai Sinnsa Co. Ltd. The project phase I, occupying 3,800㎡, has been completed, and, Shanghai Fudan Intelligence Security Systems Co., Ltd. and many other enterprises have already been introduced in.



Traffic location:
No.888 Fulian Road inside Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics
Tel: +86-21-36310333


Shanghai Robot Industry Association


As the first robot industry association in Shanghai established with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, it was initiated by Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics and jointly set up with the other ten units including Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai Fanuc Robotics, Shanghai East Best Group, Shanghai KUKA Robotics, Shanghai ABB, Shanghai SIASUN Robot & Automation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University, Shanghai University of Engineering Science and University of Shanghai for Science and Technology.


The association will unite with the institutions engaged in the R&D, manufacture, integrated application, technical service and other services of robotics and related parts, with the purposes of establishing cooperative relations, enhancing the exchanges and interactions among various institutions, promote the development of the robotics industry and build a robotics industry cluster of Shanghai characteristics.



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No.898 Bao’an Highway
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Shanghai Sinylon Auto Equipment Manufacture Co., Ltd.


As an important high-end equipment manufacturing project introduced into the park, it is mainly engaged in car body manufacturing & processing, robot welding production line assembly, etc. With a planned annual capacity of 300~500 sets of robot production lines, its annual sales value is expected to be between RMB 500 million to one billion Yuan.


The project occupies a floor area of 68 mu, and is planned to be put into construction at the end of 2013.



Traffic Location:
No.1369 Fulian Road, Baoshan District