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Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2014-12-16

Having integrated the unique elements of Riverside Baoshan and taken the construction of international cruise home port as the core, Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Port perfectly integrates aquatic tourism, shipping services, cultural creation, leisure & shopping and ecological landscape to set up an international cruise material supplies distribution center, aquatic tourist distribution center, and a professional cruise industry service center with functions of R&D, consultation and training.


Meanwhile, by actively planning the development of yacht industry and offshore cruise and tourist boat industries, it is planned to be built into both an important portal of China aquatic tourism industry and a symbolic developmental cluster of the "three waterfront tourism industries (namely, cruise, tourist boat and yacht).


It will play a significant functional role in building Shanghai into an international shipping center and a world-famous tourism city. In 2012, with the settlement of the Pilot Zone of China’s Cruise Tourism Development (the first national experimental cruise tourism area) and the Pilot Zone of Comprehensive Reform for the Development of Shanghai’s International Cruise Industry (the comprehensive reform pilot area of the first batch of modern service industries in Shanghai) in Baoshan District in succession, a new situation is opened for the development of the cruise industry of Shanghai.


The project is constituted of the dock, aquatic platform, passenger terminal and approach bridge. The overall coastline length of the cruise dock water area is planned to be 1,500 m; two large cruise berths are planned to be built in phase I, with a coastline length of 774m and available for the berthing of two 100,000-ton cruises or above simultaneously. Besides, it’s one of the rarely seen professional docks in Asia available for the berthing of the largest 220,000-ton cruise in the world.


In phase II, the construction in phase I will be expanded southwards and northwards to strive to accommodate four large cruises at the same time in 2016 in the light of market demand. Facing the sea and surrounded by water on all sides, the passenger terminal is like a silver shell freshly growing out of the water, originated from the verse "Choking Seawater under the Skyline" and expressing its interaction with the sea. In view of its implied meaning "The eyes of the city and Yangtze River to have the whole world in view", it’s also highly praised as the “Oriental Eye ".


Put into construction on December, 20, 2008 and opened for trial operation on October 15, 2011, the port received 60 international cruises (in which 48 cruises were home-port cruises) and received cruise tourists and sailors entering or leaving China in the amount of 300,000 passengers in 2012. In 2013 it received 128 international cruises and received cruise tourists and sailors entering or leaving China in the amount of 600,000 passengers. So far sail schedule had been made for 239 cruise. At the end of the "12th Five-year Plan" period, the two figures will respectively rise to 300 and 1,500,000.




Traffic Position:
Located at No.1 Baoyang Road, close to Baoyang Road Passenger Terminal and the Baoyang Road Station of Metro Line 3.
Tel: + 86-21-66593501