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Rare ceramic counterpoises on display at Baoshan International Arts Exposition Hall
Source: Author: Public Time: 2018-06-22

A piece of the ceramic counterpoise shown at an exhibition in Baoshan.



A total of 150 pieces of valuable ceramic counterpoise are on display in Shanghai Baoshan International Arts Exposition Hall for one month until July 8.


They are from the collections of Gao Ashen, a famous Chinese ceramic connoisseur.


Rarely seen in such big amount as ceramic wares are difficult to preserve due to their fragile nature, the exhibits demonstrate exquisite craftsmanship of ceramic makers in ancient China.


The ceramic counterpoises first appeared in the Warring States Period (453-221 BC), but they have served more as artworks rather than a practical object. 


They are not only a symbol of integrity and fairness in trade and business, but also deemed as a magic object for home protection.