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Baoshan spawns clusters of innovation parks alo...
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27

  Shanghai International Industrial Design Center

  Shanghai Int’l Environment Awareness Park

  Elite Valley

  Baolian City Business Center

  UP Container Park

  Visitors are entertained by a show featuring umbrellas at UP Container Park.

  Shanghai Mobile Internet Park

  Peninsula 1919 has become a popular site for young couples to shoot wedding pictures.

  Peninsula 1919

  Happiness Bay business center

  Exhibition hall at the Shanghai International Industrial Design Center
  Baoshan District in north Shanghai is one of the pioneers to implement the national strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation as well as Shanghai’s scheme to become a global innovation center.
  The district government is supporting the formation of clusters of innovative enterprises and startups along the routes of Metro Line 1, Line 3 and Line 7. Businesses along Line 3 in Baoshan have attracted many young entrepreneurs.
  Authorities hope to establish the so-called No. 3 Entrepreneurship Belt stretching 15 kilometers along the elevated Metro line.
  The development of Line 3 Entrepreneurship Belt will be market oriented, according to an official with the Baoshan Development and Reform Commission.
  Baoshan already has the No. 1 Entrepreneurship Belt along Metro Line 1 which has seven stations in the district. There are more than 10,000 tech startups and innovative enterprises in the belt from Gongkang Road Station to Fujin Road Station.
  The No. 3 Entrepreneurship Belt runs through 10 stations from Yingao Road W. to Jiangyang Road N. It will mainly attract tech startups in mobile Internet, Internet finance, cloud computing, industrial design and other Internet-related businesses, the commission said.
  An innovation park, about 1.5 million square meters in size, has emerged along the Metro line and will attract more than 5,000 startups, including 100 listed companies. The park will double in size by the end of 2020. Over 100,000 young entrepreneurs and talented professionals are expected to work there.
  Disused container marshalling yards and warehouses along Metro Line 3 have been converted into creative hubs and museums. A container yard on Yingao Road, which has a section of China’s oldest railway, Wusong Railway, has been turned into a creative park with a dozen noted architects, fashion designers and art school students working in container-turned studios.
  The factory of SAIC Motor Corp lying between Songfa Road and Changjiang Road has become the Shanghai International Industrial Design Center. A steel cutting and rolling factory belonging to Baosteel Group has transformed into Wusongkou Innovation Park. The 2.5-square-kilometer park will house startups specialized in intelligent manufacturing, robotics, new materials, 3D printing and environmental protection. It is scheduled to open by the end of this year.
  The former Wusong Gas Plant will become the site of an international energy research and trading center set up by the Baoshan District government and Shenergy Group. It will include a R&D center and an exhibition hall.
  Over 20 innovation parks have sprung up along Metro Line 3 and 20 more will be set up in future, according to the commission.
  The Baoshan government also planned for an upscale art and commercial complex in Songnan Town by Line 3. The complex, Parkview Deco, will have 120,000 square meters of built-up space and an Art Deco style. It will have a shopping mall, a boutique hotel, offices, and an underground public square.
  The district government is pushing efforts to convert industrial sites into commercial properties and will hire experienced companies to run business incubators at those sites. It will raise funds at financial markets to help startup firms in their early stage of development. The district administration for industry and commerce, the land authority, and local banks have pledged support for startups.
  “The Baoshan government tries to create a good environment for business startups by pooling resources, strengthening the protection of intellectual properties, and establishing a system for recruiting and training professionals,” said the official with the district development and reform commission.
  The district established Shanghai’s first Entrepreneurship and Innovation Fund with capital assets exceeding 10 billion yuan. A venture capital fund with 400 million yuan (US$59 million) from General Electric, Samsung and SABIC was also set up in Baoshan to support startup firms set up by expats, especially those in the development and application of new materials like grapheme, the thinnest and strongest material known to humanity.