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Setting sail for tourism festival
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  Baoshan District isn’t being left out of the fun as Shanghai celebrates its annual tourism festival. As part of the festivities, the district is hosting the 2016 Shanghai Cruise Travel Festival.
  The Baoshan event will include a cruise-themed float parade, a forum on cruising in the Asian Pacific and a cruise promotion campaign, among many other fun and informative activities related to cruise travel and tourism.
  The district is a focal point of China’s emerging cruise industry thanks to investments in state-of-the-art cruise infrastructure. Developed by Baoshan authorities and Shanghai Yangtze Shipping Corp, the Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal cost an estimated 870 million yuan (US$139.5 million) and is now one of the top facilities of its kind in the world.
  The massive shell-shaped facility features a 1,600-meter-long wharf and passenger terminal. New projects are also underway to further improve the facility. According to plans, the port will be capable of holding four cruise ships at the same time within two years, while entertainment facilities like concert halls and cinemas will be available nearby.
  The cruise travel festival was kicked off last Saturday with a parade of cruise-themed floats at the terminal.
  During the annual event, a cruise-tour promotion campaign is designed to attract the attention of local residents across the city. The campaign is co-organized by cruise ship heavyweights like Royal Caribbean and Costa as well as ticket agencies like Travelzen.com and Baosteel International Travel Services.
  Also in Baoshan, the Shanghai Wood Culture Festival and The Autumn Fair at Gucun Park will enrich the activities of the Cruise Festival.
  The wood culture festival will present a joint exhibition of works from the Shanghai Folk Art Museum, a resident handicraft competition and a series of workshops and exhibitions.
  With the osmanthus season approaching, the Gucun Park will be in full bloom. Apart from appreciating the pleasant fragrance of osmanthus, visitors can also appreciate Bavarian music and customs while enjoying beer, sausages and pretzels at the park’s Autumn Fair. A small “Fantasy Park” supported by multi-media and installations will add even more fun to the tour.