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Stage show revives creation mythology
Source: Shanghai Daily Author: Public Time: 2018-06-29
A high-tech stage show about Chinese myths will be presented in northern Baoshan District in August as part of local efforts to revive China’s ancient tales and legends.

“Chinese Myths of Creation,” an original production featuring three-dimensional and holographic technologies, will cover traditional Chinese tales like Great Yu Controls the Waters and Pan Gu Creates the Earth and the Sky, the Baoshan Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and TV said yesterday.

Yu the Great was a legendary ruler and hero who tamed the frequently flooding rivers of central and east China.

Pan Gu is the first living being and creator of all in Chinese mythology. The giant created the world by separating heaven and earth. He then sacrificed himself and turned his body into the sun, the moon, rivers, fertile lands, and forests as well as wind, clouds, rain and thunder.

“I’d like to promote these classic Chinese myths, which are the origin of the traditional culture, morality and spirit of China, to audiences from both home and abroad, particularly the young generation,” said Xu Qiang, producer of the show.

The production is part of a campaign launched by the Shanghai government in 2017 to promote Chinese myths. Also part of the campaign, some 30 comic books by local artists have been published with bilingual texts.

The show in Baoshan, created under the guidance of the district’s publicity department and culture bureau, tells the story of a brother and sister who meet the legendary figures of Chinese myth during a virtual journey to rescue their mother.

Trial performances will be staged between August 1 and 10 for invited audience members, according to the bureau.

The production will also be presented at elementary and middle schools in Baoshan and other districts, and might be performed abroad, said Wang.