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Double Dutch Contest held in Qingpu
Source: Author: Shanghai Daily Public Time: 2017-11-17

Participants show off their skills at the Shanghai International Double Dutch Contest held in Qingpu District on Sunday.


The 2017 Shanghai International Double Dutch Contest was held at Qingpu District Gymnasium on Sunday, bringing together nearly 60 teams from home and abroad.


Coming into its fourth year, the contest saw more events being added, including a 3x40 second Double Dutch relay, 2-minute 10-people challenge, etc.


Teams from Ningxia’s Yinchuan and Shanghai Baoshan District Gaojing Town No. 3 Middle School won the junior and youth group exhibition competition, respectively. Japan’s Regstyle team was the champion of the public group. The teams merged dancing and gymnasium elements into rope jumping to make it more entertaining.


Jointly organized by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and the Shanghai Sports Federation, the event was part of the 2017 Shanghai Citizen’s Amateur League. It will further expand to other cities outside of Shanghai in the coming years.