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New expressway to be built in north district
Source: Author: Shanghai Daily Public Time: 2017-10-27

SHANGHAI will build a new east-west thoroughfare in northern district of Baoshan with elevated and ground traffic to help to ease congestion in downtown.


The Changjiang Road W. Expressway project, which has been approved by the city’s development and reform commission, will stretch 7.7 kilometers between Kangning and Jungong roads. It will connect with the city’s South-North and Yixian Road elevated roads and is expected to relieve congestion at the city’s two arteries in downtown.


The new elevated road will have six lanes with designed driving speeds of 80 kilometers per hour, while the ground section of the project will incorporate two bicycle lanes, according to the commission.


Four ramps will be built on Kangning, Hulin, Yujiangxiang and Songnan roads. Construction will also be carried out for water drainage, illuminations, greenery and traffic signs for the new project, the commission said.