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District authorities tighten oversight of supermarkets
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-08-29

The Baoshan government has stepped up the supervision of supermarkets as part of the city’s “reliable supermarket” project to safeguard the rights of consumers.


The district set management standards for local supermarkets a few years ago. Baolehui, a shopping mall in Baoshan, for example, shows the public its process of food making, destruction of expired food, and sourcing of goods.


Twenty-eight supermarkets in Baoshan have a special corner to sell food products that are near the expiration date and assign one employee to check for and dispose of expired food.


District authorities plan to make half of local restaurants and school canteens to expose their kitchens to public scrutiny this year and make all supermarkets and 30 percent of farm produce markets and groceries to operate in transparent mode.


Food safety information will be pushed to local residents via WeChat and other online sites. For example, the WeChat account of Baolehui allows customers to check and rate 51 dining outlets in the mall.