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Seniors card offers variety of discounts
Source:       Author: Shanghai China      Public Time: 2017-06-16

This is a good time to be a Shanghai senior citizen.

They can enjoy various preferential treatments such as free or discounted admissions to scenic spots and cinemas following the establishment of the “Shanghai senior card alliance,” the city’s civil affairs authorities announced yesterday.

The list includes 18 parks, 28 tourist attractions, 2,500 banks, and over 150 cinemas.

Among them, Shanghai Guyi Garden, Gucun Park, Shanghai Zoo and Century Park will offer free admission to senior card holders aged over 65, while Shanghai Wildlife Park, Yuyuan Garden and Da Guan Yuan, or Grand View Garden, will give half-price discounts.

Senior residents over 70 have free admission, via their senior cards, to Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, Zhaojialou Ancient Town, Shanghai Auto Expo Park and Wusong Paotaiwan Wetland.

Seniors over 60 can buy a film ticket for no more than 35 yuan (US$5.14) before 6pm on working days at 150 cinemas citywide.

In addition, more than 2,500 outlets of six banks, including China Construction Bank and Bank of Shanghai, will exempt the annual fees of bank cards and cross-bank service fees for senior card holders wanting to withdraw cash.

Twenty-one notary offices will provide free notarization of a will for people over 80.

The online shopping site will provide discounted shopping coupons and free delivery service for card holders.

Zhu Qinhao, director of Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau, said the alliance will be expanded with medical treatment institutions, and culture, catering and entertainment venues expected to join.

The card operates like a bank debit card and is credited monthly since the city started implementing a comprehensive senior subsidy policy in May last year.

More than 3.1 million seniors had applied for the card by the end of March, with 4.8 billion yuan of subsidies distributed.

Recipients are classified into five age groups — those between 65 and 69 receive a monthly subsidy of 75 yuan, with centenarians getting 600 yuan.

Shanghai’s senior population in 2016 grew 5 percent from 2015 to reach 4.58 million, accounting for more than 31 percent of permanent residents.