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Luojing aim is to become a draw for its farmland
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-06-08

A farmer examines a watermelon at an orchard in Luojing Town yesterday.

SHANGHAI’S major agricultural town is demolishing illegal structures to improve the ecological environment and the quality of its farm products, while developing tourism to attract downtown residents.


Luojing Town, in northern Baoshan District, wants to bring in visitors to enjoy its farmland scenery and witness how much of the city’s agricultural produce is produced in the town, said Yang Xin, director of the township government.


The town, which lies along the Yangtze River, serves as the major agricultural base for Shanghai and is renowned for its Yangtze River hairy crabs and crayfish.


To improve the environment, the town plans by the end of September to demolish 800,000 square meters of illegal structures.


They will be replaced by tens of thousands square meters of high quality farmland, fruit gardens and ponds for crab and crayfish, Yang said.


The township government has developed a new method to raise the crab and crayfish in rice fields, said Wang Yiyu, director of the agriculture service center with the town.


Excrement from crabs and crayfish provides ideal fertilizer for the rice, while weeds from the fields offer food for the crab and crayfish, Wang said. Farmers cannot use any chemical fertilizer because doing so would kill the crab and crayfish, he added.


The town produced 180,000 Yangtze hairy crabs last year. Production is expected to reach 200,000 this year, Yang said.


Rice quality has also improved greatly, with Luojing rice becoming one of the best rice products in the city, the township director added.


Moreover, tourists can taste the fresh river products, grains, pick fruits and live in the farmers’ houses, Yang said.


The township government has launched an annual hairy crab festival to attract more visitors.


The town also ran a competition this month to invite villagers and tourists to pick the 10 most popular and authentic traditional local dishes from its restaurants. The outcome will be publicized on June 21.