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Gucun Park anticipates Cherry Blossom Festival crowds
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2017-03-07


Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival, an annual tourism event in Baoshan, attracts hundreds of thousands visitors to Gucun Park in the district every spring. The festival, the sixth this year, will run from March 15 to April 14, combining flower viewing with nature exploration, shopping, recreation and sports.





1. A photography and poetry contest will be held during the festival. The organizer invites entries reflecting the beauty of cherry blossoms and in praise of good life. A jury will select winning works and present them on the festival website and WeChat account.
Time: March 10-April 18
Place: Gucun Park

2. A cherry flower contest will take place in Gucun Park where eight cherry trees are marked and tagged with an introduction. Visitors can vote their favorite trees via the festival WeChat account. The tree with most votes will be named 2017 Cherry Beauty and 30 voters will be awarded a gift bag through lucky draw.
Time: March 30-April 4
Place: Gucun Park

3. Matchmaking events will be held during the festival, featuring eight to ten interesting games for young people to get to know each other and find their ideal mate.
Time: March 25-26
Place: YuelinLakeside Plaza

4. Exhibitions of traditional Chinese culture will be held in the park, presenting snippets of popular Chinese operas, cherry-inspired fashion products, and Chinese martial arts.
Time: March 18, 19, 25 and 26
Place: Gucun Park

5. Cherry-related products will be shown at the festival. Visitors can experience, smell and taste these creative products.
Time: March 15-April 14
Place: Gucun Park



Cherry viewing spots:

The Shanghai Cherry Blossom Festival is held mainly in five areas in the park.


Suburban Forest has about 4,000 cherry trees covering 13 hectares of land. It becomes a sea of red, pink and white flowers in late March and early April. New cherry species will make their debut at this year’s festival.


Forest Sports Park lying northwest of Cherry Avenue boasts a huge spread of cherry trees that produce mostly whiteflowers.


The area inside Gate 3is planted with cherry trees of more than 80 species, making it a big attraction for flower lovers. Some newly introduced species will be shown to the public for the first time.


Children’s Paradise has cherry trees along roads and the river. The whole place is blooming with cherry flowers from mid March to mid April.


Other fun activities:

Families with small children can spend quality time at the festival as Gucun Park offers a variety of amusement rides for kids. Its cinema theatre also sells ticket packages at a discount.


Besides viewing cherry blossoms, people can also do some birdwatching in the park, which is home to about 600 birdsin over 80 species. Make sure they bring their own binoculars to the park.


The Dinosaur Park will delight children with animated models and fossils of the extinct animals, while Bainuo Chocolate Creative Park shows people the whole process of chocolate making from mixing raw materials to casting with modes and packaging. Several souvenir shops in the park sell cherry-themed products.


Visitors can also satisfy their palate by eating at several restaurants in the park or an outdoor barbecue area.


Sports enthusiasts can play soccer, tennis and snooker in the park as well. Those who want to stay in the park can book a room at HengshanBeijiao Hotel.