Shanghai Baoshan Development and Reform Commission
Source:       Author:       Public Time: 2014-12-16

Address: No. 16, Mishan Road, Baoshan District of Shanghai, China
Post Code: 201900
Tel: 86-21-56692638        Fax: 86-21-56780335

1. To implement the strategies, guidelines and policies related to national economy and social development; and study and put forward the corresponding policies and measures; to study and put forward Basohan District’s economic, social and urban development strategies; to organize the draw-up of the District’s long-and- medium-term planning of national economy and social development; to study and put forward the anticipated targets and the regulation and control policies of structural readjustment, development speed and overall balance; to link up and balance the development planning of major industries.

2. To study and put forward major anticipated targets of the annual national economy and social development of Basohan District; to organize the draw-up of the annual plans of national economy and social development; to strengthen the forecast, pre-warning, and regulation and control of the operation of national economy; to put forward timely the proposals on the regulation and control policies on significant issues in the operation of economy; responsible for the release of important comprehensive economic information.

3. To study the major issues arising from the economic system restructuring and the extension of opening-up to the inside and outside; to direct and advance the overall economic system restructuring; to be responsible for policy draft of perfecting market economy system and promoting the development through opening-up; to organize the study, demonstration and draw-up of the comprehensive economic system restructuring plans; to participate in and coordinate the special item economic system restructuring schemes; to participate in the study and demonstration of the major issues of administrative management system restructuring and the transformation of governmental functions.

4. To study and put forward policies on pushing forward the market-oriented reforms and ownership structure readjustment, to study and put forward the policies on advancing the development of nonpublic economy and promoting the fair competition and side-by-side development of economy of diverse forms of ownership; to be responsible for the study of the promotion of enterprise reform with transformation in line with stock system and development of compound economic forms as the key points.

5. To put forward the orientation and policies for this Municipality’s industrial development in line with the State industrial policies; to strengthen the development and coordination of various industries, advance the development of industries of high technology; to study and put forward planning scheme of industrial distribution and implementation suggestions on readjustment.

6. To be responsible for putting forward the overall scale of total social fixed assets investment and the investment structure of Baoshan District; to arrange the construction projects funded by the government financial resources; to be responsible for the examination and approval, and submission of the construction projects that are invested by the government, projects that are subject to examination and approval by the State Development and Reform Commission, and projects that are required to be in control by the district; to check on important projects and government investment projects with related departments according to law.

7. To analyze the trend of funds of the entire society; to study and put forward the financing schemes for the important government investment projects; to put forward suggestions on funds of the entire society including the balance and coordination of e financial budgetary fund in accordance with the needs and practical possibility of Baoshan’s economic and social development; to participate in the coordination of the district’s financial development.

8. To be responsible for balancing the dovetailing of population, science and technology, education, culture, public health, social security, and other social undertakings with the overall economic and social development; to coordinate important issues on social undertakings’ development and reform.

9. To organize the draw-up of the district’s urban infrastructure development planning and long-and- medium-term plan; to organize and coordinate the early stage work of the major urban infrastructure projects.

10. To implement the commodity prices and charges which are controlled by the higher pricing departments; to regulate price tags in market; to provide price information service.

12. To investigate and punish all acts violating price laws accordingly according to law.

13. To undertake other matters assigned by Baoshan People’s Government.