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Baoshan Overview
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  Located in the northern part of Shanghai city, Baoshao is at the convergence point of the Huangpu River and the Yangtze River. It is the birthplace of Shanghai's port opening, nearly 100 years ago. From the completion of China's first railway to the establishment of BaoSteel----China's largest modern iron-steel enterprise; from the entry of Shanghai University to the holding of Baoshan International Folk Art Festival, over many years Baoshan has developed into an eye-catching, key supporting point in Shanghai's economic development today by relying on its favorable riverfront and seaside location and deep-rooted humanistic foundation.
  Baoshan's most prominent advantage is its easy access to transport, which highlights its special geographic location. Being an important region in Shanghai's northern part, it is a base of refined steel production, logistics, and energy. With the acceleration of the Yangtze Delta integration progress, and the construction for World Expo entering the final stages of execution, Baoshan will find itself facing even greater growth potentials and more opportunities for development.
  As the strategic center of Shanghai¬s urban space development extends from the downtown area to the suburban areas, Baoshan District has started its transformation efforts to change the historically formed single-function suburban industry zone to a modern suburban district with comprehensive functions that is suitable for living and residence. Baoshan in 2020 will become a modern riverfront new urban area compatible with the internationalized metropolitan city of Shanghai, and shape itself into a world level base for refined steel production and its extended industries, thus becoming an important component of Shanghai international shipping center.
  Baoshan's new round of layout planning will greatly improve district environment and functions. By 2020, Baoshan's per capita urban public green area will reach 20 sqm, with the vegetation coverage ratio reaching 45%; it will strive to become a "State ecological urban district" while trying to improve its level of "Shanghai Garden Urban District".
  In its future development, Baoshan District will fully take advantage of its overall strengths in district location, transport, industry and humanistic resources, in order to transform Baoshan into an important hub in the Yangtze Delta city group, to become one of the most dynamic areas in Shanghai and an ideal place for attracting both international and domestic capital for business ventures, and to turn itself into a modern garden-like residential district with beautiful surroundings and enjoyable living conditions.