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Industrial Structure
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  ● Baoshan is Shanghai’s important "Steel" and "Port" base and production base of agriculture and non-staple foods. The district is most notably characterized by the industrial distribution of "Secondary, Tertiary, and Primary". The industry layout and regional function positioning are both focused on industry.
  ● As a world level industry concentration and expansion area for refined steel manufacturing and relevant industries such as logistics, Baoshan District owns a large number of large-sized enterprises at state or city level, including BaoSteel. Relying on iron & steel and port, it has developed main industries covering iron and steel, storage and transport, energy, and water resources.
  ● The district also owns well-developed industries of optical disk, micro-electronics, nanotechnology, biological pharmacy, non-woven new material, metal products, and steel structure.