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Living Environment
Source: Author: Public Time: 2017-05-27
  Baoshan is an ecological garden-like urban district with beautiful environment
  ● Baoshan is a riverfront district commanding both the Yangtze River and the Huangpu River. It is endowed with a rich supply of river network system, which provides unique natural conditions for creating a district with both river views and ocean sceneries.
  ● Baoshan attaches great importance to vegetation and ecological industry buildup. The initial results can be seen in the construction of beautiful towns, non-coal-burning areas, smoke and fume controlled areas, green residential quarters, and green schools. BaoSteel, a state leveled iron-steel industrial park, has been awarded the title of "Green Ecological Industrial Zone".
  ● With a green area coverage of over 39.5%, and average public green area of 17 sq m per person, Baoshan District stays ahead of other urban districts in Shanghai. In October 2003, the district government was awarded the title of “Shanghai Garden Urban District”.




  Modern living surroundings close to river and sea
  ● A superior geographical environment and excellent ecological landscape provide Baoshan with a multitude of conditions for comfortable living and enable it to become a modern riverfront new urban area with supplementary functions.
  ● As one of Baoshan’s pillar industries for the national economy, the real estate industry witnessed steady growth for several consecutive years. In 2004 its actual housing sales ranked among the top four of all Shanghai districts and counties.
  ● Compared with the Shanghai downtown area, the price of Baoshan’¬s commercial housing is relatively low, which coupled with garden landscape layout and ecological urban planning, has made Baoshan into an ideal place for purchasing residence in the great metropolitan of Shanghai.